Friday, 7 January 2011

Torchwood: The New World Broadcast Information

The Official Torchwood Facebook Page, run by the BBC, has confirmed the Official Broadcast Information for Torchwood: The New World 10 part series.
They have Confirmed that Episode One of the Series will Broadcast on Friday 1st July 2011 at 9.00pm - 10.00pm Which also confirms the episodes to an Hour long.
If the episodes run every week, for ten weeks, it would mean the series would begin on 1st July 2011 and conclude on 2nd September 2011 allthough this could change.
it has also been confirmed that Torchwood: The New World would Broadcast in the UK on BBC One and in the US on STarz on the same day.
"Episode one is set to premiere on 1st July 2011 on both BBC One in the UK and Starz in the US.

Starring John Barrowman & Eve Myles who reprise there role as Captain Jack & Gwen Cooper with her devoted husband (Kai Owen), and baby Anwen..."

So Put Friday 1st July 2011 in your diary as Torchwood Returns for it's fourth series!

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