Sunday, 2 January 2011

Doctor Who Media Returning Very Soon

Ever Wanted to Watch you favourite Doctor Who (new series), Torchwood or Sarah jane Adventures But you haven't got the DVD?
Well With Doctor Who Media you can do just that!
Doctor Who Media (DWM) offers you the chance to Watch any episode of Doctor Who, Torchwood or Sarah Jane Adventures for Free aswell as Soundtracks and extras from the series.
Allthough it may be free to watch, To keep DWM going a small amount of money has to be paid so please if you can give as big or small donation as you can.

Doctor Who Media Was up and running last year but problems occured after christmas and was shut down but Very, Very Soon DWM will be back!
To Follow Doctor Who Media's Progress please follow it's Twitter page or visit Here to keep Ahead of what's happening and chat to others.

So Visit :

NOTE: Doctor Who Media Is now back up! Please visit the link above!

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