Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Product of the Day - Inside DWM 431

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 431, Out this Thursday, Features plenty of bits and bobs including an Interview with 'Victory of the Daleks' writer Mark Gatiss:
"Doctor Who has been the biggest thing in my life really, and it’s entirely because I was scared stiff of it – but I loved it,". "It didn’t traumatise me, and a healthy scare is as important as a good laugh. It’s exactly the same emotion, I think. Steven Moffat said to me, ‘Make a Barret home terrifying like you did in Crooked House,’ but Crooked House was on at ten o’clock at night, this is on at six. You have to find that balance..."
Also in this issue:
  • This Charming Man! The gloves are off! Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat comes out fighting against the critics in this month’s Production Notes, and explains why the show is for everyone, and not ‘just’ for kids...
  • Bigmouth Strikes Again! Tegan is back! No-nonsense Australian Janet Fielding, recently reunited with her former crewmates for brand new audio adventures, reveals how she was persuaded to return – and what she thinks about Doctor Who today! (Just don’t mention the cricket.)
  • What She Said! The Eighth Doctor’s audio adventures are about to reach an incredible climax! DWM speaks to stars Carole Ann Ford, Graeme Garden, Sheridan Smith, Niky Wardley and Nicholas Briggs about battling the Daleks – and who might die in the process…
  • Barbarism Begins At HomeCannibalistic old ladies, teenage girl gangs, and something very unpleasant in the basement. It can only be the Seventh Doctor’s adventure in Paradise Towers, analysed in The Fact of Fiction. Ice hot!
  • This Night Has Opened My Eyes! Want to take a trip in the TARDIS? Of course you do! Well, now you can, at the brand new Doctor Who Experience, opening at Kensington Olympia this month. DWM presents an exclusive preview of what to expect…
  • The Boy With The Thorn In His Side! Giant heads, blue faces and a whole lot of wood. No longer just a Saturday night in Hoxton – it’s a new adventure for the Time Team, as they travel to witness The End of the World!
  • These Things Take Time! Continuing our Countdown to the 50 years of Doctor Who, writer Simon Guerrier looks at First Doctor William Hartnell’s second series – a season that saw the series reach incredible heights of popularity...,
  • There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Doctor Who was one of the most-watched shows last year – but just how well did it go against the rest of television? DWM provides the ultimate guide to how the series fared against the competition in 2010 in Public Image.
  • Is It Really So Strange? Golden and tank-like or big-bootied and colourful? Toby Hadoke and Jonny Candon go head-to-head as they debate the pros and cons of Dalek design in A Battle of Wits! Will either of them manage to convince you…?
  • Handsome Devil! A page full of random journeys, supporting artists, fascinating facts and the Bidmead-ometer… it’s another dollop of Who madness in Wotcha!
Plus all the official news, straight from the Doctor Who studios at Upper Boat; forthcoming CDs and DVDs previewed; the latest CDs and DVDs reviewed; your letters; competitions to win an array of exciting Doctor Who merchandise; our fiendish crossword; and much more!
Doctor Who Magazine is released tomorrow, Thursday 10th February 2011, Priced £4.50.

You can Visit the DWM Twitter page here and there Facebook Page here.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Product of the Day - Doctor Who Magazine 431

The Official Doctor Who Magazine Facebook and Twitter Page has released the Cover of Issue 431 out this month.
The February edition Compiles of an Interview with Janet Fielding who Played Tegan in the Classic Series, Mark Gatiss Tells DWM what to look forward to in his Episode for Series 6 aswell as the Latest News Letters and Competitions.

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Doctor Who Magazine Issue 431 Is released on Thursday 10th February 2011 priced £4.50. More Information on What's inside Soon.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Product of the Day - Panini Doctor Who Insider Magazine

As Previously Reported from The Official Doctor Who Magazine America will get there own Doctor Who Magazine called 'Doctor Who Insider':

The new North American magazine, Doctor Who Insider, is officially
licensed by BBC Worldwide and will feature 100% original material,
celebrating all eras of Doctor Who. Each issue will explore the fantastic
Doctor Who universe with star interviews, behind-the-scenes features,
character and monster guides, news and pictures from the world of
Doctor Who fandom, and an in-depth look at the latest Doctor Who
releases. Plus, every issue will include a double-sided fold-out poster.

"We are absolutely delighted to be launching
Doctor Who Insider in North America," says Mike Riddell,
Managing Director of Panini UK. "Doctor Who has always
been a strong performer for Panini UK and we are very
excited to be able to collaborate with BBC Worldwide and
BBC AMERICA and build on its increasing popularity in the
United States and Canada."

Panini will launch the first monthly issue of Doctor Who
Insider on April 7 2011. The price will be $6.99. It will
be available alongside the established Doctor Who
Magazine, offering Doctor Who enthusiasts more
than ever before.

Doctor Who Insider Is Released on April 7th 2011 in America and Canada.

David Walliams Cast for Series 6

Speaking to The Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio Two, David Walliams has confirmed he will Play a Role in Doctor Who.
The Little Britain and Come Fly With Me Actor Said he was offered and Role as an Alien in the Upcoming series:
(Video from Blogtor Who)

David Walliams, Allthough you may not know, Has Appeared in Doctor Who before this annoucment. As Part of Doctor Who Night in 1999  he appeared in 3 Sketches along side Mark Gatiss and Peter Davison. He Was also on The Graham Norton Show Sofa with Matt Smith on Christmas Eve.
David has siad that he is filming in a Couple of weeks So could possibly Be for Episode 3 or an Episode in the Second Half of the Series iring in the Autumn.