Saturday, 30 October 2010

Children In Need Preview & DWA What's Inside

Well this years Children In Need will gives a preview of this years christmas episode, the name of this years christmas episode has not yet be released, names such as Father Who are going around, the only information we have on the episode is that its going to be a christmas carol. So look out for Children In Need. Also issue 190 of DWA has been released with Facts of some of the creepyist creatures, also a 12 paged SJA mini mag and last of all a new comic strip and a alien mask.

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The Empty Planet Trailer

The new trailer for the next epsiode of SJA has be showen, the next epsiode will be named The Empty Planet, Clyde and Rani discover that they are the only survivors of the human race! You can view the trailer below

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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Download - Tardis Handbook

Our first Download on Blogger. Thank you to Timelord50 for letting me use his Download. you can see his site here

You can download the Tardis Handbook here

More Doctor Who Movie Speculation

The Daily Star are claiming that if Matt Smith does not star in a BBC film of the series he will lea as the Timelord. This however is totally false. Matt Smith Told the Daily Star: "I would be thrilled if there could be a movie version – I want them to do it.
“There is something brilliantly televisual about Doctor Who but I think it could definitely work as a film.”
This does not say a thing about Matt Smith Leaving but after his quote they say that BBC insiders are worried the cash-strapped corporation won’t be able to find the funds to make a movie – and could lose their man.
So could we be seeing with Matt Smith? according to the Star we might but what do you think? Vote on our latest Poll.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Daily Doctor Who - 15th October 2010

A new Feature on APB is here. Daily Doctor Who will bring you things from across the net that are happening in the news and media aswell as things you can be apart of and join in with.


News has come out by the sun about a forthcoming series 6 episode by Mark Gatiss. a source has said: It is going to be terrifying. Mark has delved to the back of his dark mind to come up with this idea."

The Episode is currently Called 'What are little boys made of?' but that could change over time. allthough it was reported a few weeks back The Sun have also said about the creepy dolls that have are meant to appear in Mark Gatiss' Episode.

The Doctor Will be with a UNIT officier in the upcoming episode of the Sarah jane Adventures ' Death of the Doctor'. Colonel Karim will be played by Laila Rouass who formerly stared in stricly come Dancing. her character has been compared to the Brigadier played by Nicholas Courtney. you can see Death of the Doctor on thr 25th and 26th October 2010 on CBBC Channel.


Doctor Who Live behind the scenes:

We went to Doctor Who Live on Sunday Afternoon and we give you our report on the show! Warning Spoilers!

Daleks steal the show as Doctor Who Live Moves away from London

The Monsters have been and gone in London and what a treat it’s been! APB visited  the spectacular show yesterday and opened up in a splendid musical fashion. With Murray Gold’s Music being played and Ben Foster composing you can defiantly see the Band was going to play a major role in this tour of the country. Nigel Planner made a comedy dance entrance with the Ood at his side and things were starting to settle in. Nigel Planner, who you may know from such shows as the Young Ones and the Comic strip Presents.., was playing the greatest showman in the world named Vorgenson. The Doctor’s Number 1 fan as he’s described by himself. With this, the story continues with Vorgenson Telling that he has invented a minimiser which can bring any creature, monster, Alien or Human from across the galaxy to the stage. And i have to say so myself the Stage looked magnificent. Anyway with this, Monsters flocked the stage. A Cyberman, Judoon, Silurian, Scarecrows and many more got on to the stage and into the minimiser. After a few clips and Music montages, Vorgenson Arrived with one of The Doctor’s Friends. Winston Churchill. He fell into Vorgenson’s trap and rang the doctor with a borrowed mobile which he didn’t know how to use. The Doctor appeared on the giant screen followed by a huge cheer by the crowd. Soon after vorgenson  basically explained to the Doctor who he is and what he invented. The Doctor didn’t like this so he travels  in his TARDIS to get to Vorgenson but is in for a unexpected surprise, he’s inside his minimiser.  The Interval lasted a good 15 minutes as everyone stacked up on refreshments and merchandise including the Official Programme for £10 which is a good buy. And did I mention? I spotted Steven Moffat in the crowd but only briefly. Well after that experience the Second Half of the show got started. The crowd booed Vorgenson when he entered the stage after capturing The Doctor. He called for the doctor but no response. This gave him time to show more of his Monsters! Vampires, Smilers, Clockwork droids and Judoon scurried their way through the paths to the crowd. Then a very scary Weeping Angel Scene happened on Stage which was terrifying in every way.  And then for one of the biggest parts the Cybermen came down the stairs behind me and gave me a fright. The Doctor wasn’t taking any more of this and came out from the white light. The Grand finale was about to take place as a fault happens and the Daleks appear! They were behind the minimiser plan to get the Doctor and they did. But guess who were waiting to fight them? The Cybermen! It ended up them all trapped in the Minimiser and the rest sent back home by the Doctor. But the best illusion was next as a flying Dalek was ubove the crowd. With a little help from the Crowd the Doctor Escaped the Daleks and waved goodbye from his Tardis which appeared on a 4 sided screen. THE End. All in all Doctor Who Live was a unique blend of Music, illusions and Monsters with an outstanding Story by Steven Moffat which could only be used on Stage. I think it would work for all ages and now I know what it’s like I recommend you go out and buy your tickets before it’s too late! Geronimo!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 427 Cover

The Official Cover for Doctor Who Magazine 427 has been released through the official Facebook Page. The cover features Sarah Jane, The Doctor and Jo grant as they all feature in the Episode Death of the Doctor in Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 which airs in a couple of weeks.
You can see the cover below:

 DWM #427 is released Thursday 21st October 2010 priced £4.20.

Sarah Jane Adventures S4 EP1 The Nightmare Man Today

It's that time of year again. Sarah Jane and the gang are back tonight with the first Episode of the fourth series, The Nightmare Man.

 Luke faces life-changing events, and Bannerman Road will never be the same again. But when Sarah Jane's son has his first nightmare, he's haunted by a dark figure from his dreams. A strange entity is reaching out to our world, with terrible consequences for the whole human race.
The first part of The Episode airs at 5.15pm on the CBBC Channel with the Second Part airing tomorrow at the same time and channel. They will then be shown on CBBC on BBC One on Wednesday and Thursday.

If we can we'll have the link or video for the episode after it airs.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Doctor Who Live Guide - Part 1

Thank you to the Doctor Who Live website for the info and Pictures.

Tomorrow is the first time APB goes live and to kick it off were giving you the lowdown on Doctor Who Live...

What is Doctor Who Live?

You might all ready know what Doctor Who Live is but if you don't it is basically a Live tour around the UK that gives the audience the opportunity to see their favourite monsters and aliens from Doctor Who. The Live tour feature a never seen before story which is written by Steven Moffat and stars Matt Smith in specially shot scenes. The main Star of the show, apart from Matt, is Nigal Planner (who you can find out about in the character section) who plays the Showman Vorgenson who is on stage. He is the one that brings the aliens and enemies of The Doctor to the stage through his machine the 'minimiser'.


Vorgenson (Played by Nigal Planner) - Vorgenson has been descirbed as The Doctor's No.1 Fan But thats just the first thing. He is the greatest showman in the Galaxy who brings his amazing invention the 'minimiser' to the stage to bring back any Doctor Who character in dedication to the man himself.  Vorenson has been developed by Steven Moffat specially for the Tour and is set to be a hit.

Dalek  - Of course you know the Dalek, There the Doctor's Greatest Enemy. With a new look that was first seen in 'Victory of the Daleks' they are definately the most talked about enemy for Doctor Who Live. The Hard casing on the outside of a dalek hides a small Deadly Mutant from the planet Skaro. The doctor Fought the Daleks in the Time War where both Planets perished. The Daleks are also set to be a huge Hit at Doctor Who Live.

Cybermen - Cybermen are also one of the Doctor's main Enemy's. They feature in most Live features for Doctor Who saying there most famous catchphrase 'Delete!'. The Cybermen our half Human half Machine with there emotions removed. The newere versions were created on a parallel Earth by John Lumic who wanted to see the earth full with Cybermen. But before they were made on a Parellel Earth they were made on the Planet Mondas. They have featured in many Doctor Who Stories since it began and are also set to be a hit at the Show.

Weeping Angel - Weeping Angels are One of the Scariest Monsters in Doctor Who History. First appearing in episode 'Blink' then in 'Time of Angels' and 'Flesh and Stone', Weeping Angels were voted the Scariest Doctor Who Monster above the Daleks and Cybermen. No body knows where the Weeping Angels come from but we do know that they can adapted. When you see them they turn to stone but everytime you turn your back or blink they can move. But in the series 5 episodes they adapted to Become a real Angel of an Image and even get inside the person's head if they are looking straight in their eyes. So for Doctor Who Live they would be one of the scariest on Stage.


Did you know? that There will be 33 shows in 31 days across 9 cities

Did you know? there is a 16 piece band 16 cast members 3 sound decks

Did you know? The cast, band and crew will be transported between venues using a combination of three sleeper and two executive coaches


official Programme                               Vorgenson Show Pass

More Character guides, merchandise, facts as well as Plot details from the Show coming Monday 11th October.

We go live From Doctor Who Live Tomorrow... Stay Tuned!

Friday, 8 October 2010

APB is Live....From Doctor Who Live!

As were back on blogger we want to start of on a high and give you some exclusive material. Were just two days away from travelling up to Wembley area and the excitment is building!
can't get there? Then were do our best to give you updates now and again throughout the show aswell as pictures and videos the next day.

See you there!

To find more information and see how to book tickets go to

Monday, 4 October 2010

A Police Box is back and Full of Surprises!


A Police Box is Back on you Computer Screens once more and not a moment to spare as new things are coming soon! So what can you expect from us now that were back on Blogger? here are a few things...

Latest News is hitting the homepage every day from the world of Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. From Press releases, Trailers, Pictures aswell as Big announcment we'll have it covered and if you have a story give us a buzz on the usual email address and nearly every time the story we'll make it to our homepage.

want to find out about Events or shows going on around the world of Doctor Who,? Want to see exclusives Pictures, Videos and Information? Then A Police Box is the place! We'll have APB Exclusives now and again to keep you entertained so don't miss that. We'll have the first next week..

A Police Box is also a great place to see some amazing designs and banners. Emma ( Our Designer) gives her time and effort to make this site look it's best. we'll have our first banner back on blogger soon but want to see what they might be like? Then check out her site:

  • We Dulge into the world of Sarah jane as the fourth Series begins. Whats next for Sarah Jane and the Gang? the Doctor that's who! Follow all the latest news on the homepage and see everything thats been released on the Sarah jane Adventures Page.
  • Christmas is coming! We look at what's next for the Doctor, Amy and Rory in the Christmas Special. We'll have a special countdown nearer the time but for the mean time we'll have the latest news on Matt Smith's first Christmas as the Doctor on our Homepage.
  • Spoiler alert! as we look at the latest filming Reports, Pictures and Videos for series 6. We'll have special reports from many sources so stay tuned...

We go Live from.. Doctor Who Live! on Sunday 10th October we give you live updates from Wembley Area and show you some amazing Pictures and Videos from the show.

Thank you for Reading! we'll have some news later on today so stay alert!