Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year From APB

Happy Who Year!

We would all like to wish all of you visitors a very Happy New Year and a great 2011.

2011 will be a fantastic year for everyone in thw whoniverse as there is plenty going on for us to enjoy.

Firstly the next series of Doctor Who Begins in the Easter which will be spit in to two halves of the year.

The Next thing is Series 4 of Torchwood which is called Torchwood: The New World. This is likely to air in the summer and last for ten weeks.

We then have the second half of the Doctor Who Series after the summer which will run for 6 episodes.

Then finally we have the 5th series of The Sarah Jane Adventures which is to air in it's regulary spot of October/November.

And aswell as that if your a fan of primeval you can catch the first episode of the brnad new series tomorrow on ITV1.

So it's going to be an eventful year on and off the screen which promises to give us lot's to post and talk about so please stay tuned!

So from all of us, we wish you a Happy New Year!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

APB Back from the Festive Season

So what an a eventful Christmas we have had!
All of us here thought that A Christmas Carol was absolutely amazing and was really enjoyable.
The was also the fantastic Series 6 trailer at the end. you can see this trailer below:

We have had a wonderful Christmas but how about yours? what presents did you all get? Tweet us or Leave a comment in one of our Chat boxes.
And have happy new year!

Monday, 20 December 2010

APB wishes you a Merry Christmas..

Just a short note that APB will now be offline for Christmas from tomorrow. We will have scheduled posts every day but will not be online or be in contact.
So allthough we will have another Christmas Message on Christmas Day, we Wish everyone A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
We'll be back Boxing with the latest news, Videos and much more including features like Episodes, Transcripts and Episode and Trailer Caps.

Got any questions? then it's your last day before Christmas to ask them. Tweet us as @apolicebox, Email us at or use our Chat Box or Chatango lower down on the Sidebar.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Walking in a Winter Webland - Blog Entry #1

Hey there all, and welcome to my first blog entry by me, Ellis. So 9 days to go till the airing of A Christmas Carol and of course Christmas day. and being online at Christmas time can be a big thing for me. aepecially on Forums, Blogs and other websites. With rushing last minute problems and new banners and all the news happening, Doctor Who is one of the biggest news stories to report!
Anything is always better when it is christmas themed so thats why I love everything everyone does at this Festive time. From Life, Doctor Who and Combom to WhovianNet, many sites are celebrating This christmas Period with a type of Advent Calendar which in my case sums up Christmas. New Gifts and Special Treats get published everyday in December in all kinds away so that why Christmas in the whoniverse is so important.
Doctor Who MagazineAnd today another treat was out in shops, Doctor Who Magazine issue 429. This issue is a Christmas special and is packed full with new Features, a wonderful Comic, A fantastic Preview of 'A Christmas Carol' and Some Great, Shiny Art Cards free with it. you can buy it from all newsagents priced £4.99 and you can follow there official Twitter Account here
Another Great thing at Christmas is the gifts and presents. Christmas is the best time for great Merchandise to get released from Figures, Books, DVD's and Stationary. These are great if your a Doctor Who Fan to open on Christmas Day. if you like me than you will love the figure Collection and with new Figure sets being released at least 5 days before Christmas, there a great Buy for Kids and Collectors of any ages for the big day.
But probably the most important in the Whoniverse is the Episodes themselves. 'A Christmas Carol' stars Matt Smith in his first ever Christmas Special, which is written by Steven Moffat, as he makes his own version of the ghost of Christmas Past from the Famous book written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.
So if you Celebrating a Christmas where Doctor Who is important, make it perfect with things like Merchandise, Tv and Of Course Doctor Who on the Internet.
Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Four New a Christmas Carol Clips From The BBC

The BBC Doctor Who Official Site has released Four New (kind of) clips from A Christmas Carol as part of there Advent(ure) Calendar.
You Can see them all Below.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Christmas Carol Reviews and Round-Up

As the BFI Screening was yesterday a bunch of Teasers and Reviews have made it on the net.

SFX Twenty Teasers from 'A Christmas Carol':

01. The episode is a tour de force for Matt Smith. Amy and Rory are pretty much sidelined as Smith explodes like a force of nature from the screen. He is magnificent

02. It’s fantasy, through and through. It’s a Christmas whimsy that pays mere lip service to science fiction. This is Moffat’s vision of the show as a dark fairy tale taken further than ever before. We’re predicting some people will have a problem with this. Your enjoyment may be in relation to your ability to suspend disbelief

03. Two articles of clothing from the Doctor’s past make cameo appearances

04. There’s an unexpected continuity reference to the Tom Baker story “Pyramids Of Mars”

05. The Doctor is asked for some advice that he cannot give

06. The Doctor gets married

07. Katherine can act. You might be worried about a singer who’s never acted before taking on such a major role, but she’s really very good.

08. There are more witty, quotable lines per minute than ever before

09. Some of the FX are outstanding, but a couple are, well, shall we just say… over-ambitious

10. The production design is stunning

11. It’s not the most action-packed of Christmas special. There are some great, exciting set pieces, but mostly it’s a character piece

12. Michael Gambon is, of course, amazing.

13. The names in the opening titles are all Christmas-ed up

14. It’s fish and ships for Christmas!

15. It’s very, very, very Christmassy, and quite emotional

16. There’s a trailer for next season at the end (roll over for spoilery info: the Utah shoot looks incredible, we think we spotted an Ood, and there is a mention of Jammy Dodgers!)

17. Two of the Doctor’s trusted aides aren’t quite so reliable

18. Parents may hope that children won’t ask them to explain one gag

19 The final shot would make a good Christmas card

20. The Doctor has one major costume change (other than ones involving putting Father
Christmas hats on)

Digital Spy Ten Teasers from 'A Christmas Carol' :

01.The Doctor finally tells a lie too big for the psychic paper.
02. "The other half is ****** the *****."
03. We learn exactly why bow-ties are cool.
04. Abigail breaks into song twice, but there's an interesting reason why.
05. The Doctor once spent a revealing evening with Frank Sinatra, Einstein and Father Christmas.
06. "Why are they singing?" "For ***** *****."
07. Turns out The Doctor is rubbish at card tricks.
08. "Marilyn, get your coat!"
09. Kazran gets a glimpse at his past, present and future - but not in the way you might expect.
10. "No chance. Completely impossible. Except at Christmas."

Matt Smith Interview and Clips:

Den on Geek

There will probably be more Reviews later so we will have them covered as soon as we find them.

A Christmas Carol Clips and BFI Q&A

We have some New Clips from A Christmas Carol! Thanks to the Doctor Who TV


Friday, 10 December 2010

BBC America A Christmas Carol Inside Look

Heres a inside Look at the Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol, from BBC America.

Thanks to

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 429 Cover

The Official Doctor Who Magazine Facbook page has today released the cover of theChristmas Issue.
The Issue features:
exclusive preview of the Doctor Who Christmas Special as well as Matt Smith on Michael Gambon and Three Bonus Art cards inside!
The Issue Is priced £4.99 for this month, features 84-pages and is released next Thursday (Thursday 16th December 2010)

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Guide To Doctor Who on TV This Christmas

With only 18 days to Christmas There is plenty of TV Coverage other these next 3 weeks. So what Can we expect from Doctor Who this Christmas?
  • Monday 20th December 2010 - Celebrity Eggheads, BBC Two, 6pm, Former Doctor Who Colin Baker and assistants to the Time Lord from the past, Katy Manning, Frazer Hines, Louise Jameson and John Leeson (the voice of K9), attempt to outwit the champions for charity.
  • Thursday 23rd Decemver 2010 - This Morning, ITV1 from 10:30am, Behind the scenes at the Doctor Who Christmas Special. With Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby
  •  Christmas Eve - The Graham Norton Show, BBC One, 10:30pm, The host is joined by Matt Lucas and David Walliams, who talk about their new series Come Fly with Me, and welcomes Doctor Who star Matt Smith to the sofa.
  • Christmas Day - Doctor Who, BBC One, 6pm,  Amy and Rory are trapped on a crashing space liner, and the only way the Time Lord can rescue his friends is to save the soul of a lonely old miser. Michael Gambon Guests stars.
  • Christmas Day - Doctor Who Confidential, BBC Three, 7pm, Behind the scenes of this year's festive episode, A Christmas Carol, including interviews with the cast.
  • Boxing Day - Doctor Who and Confidential, BBC Three, 7pm-9pm, Repeated from Yesterday.
Miss any of that? then We'll have This Guide up on the Sidebar all of this Festive season to remind you of Who, What Where!
Synopsis Taken from the new Radio Times Christmas Issue.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

APB Advent Calendar 2010 - Day 5

On our 5th Day of our Advent Calendar were Giving you a Special Wallpaper which can go on your Desktop for Xmas!
Designed by Emma This wallpaper shows all the main character from A Christmas Carol with some Blends and colour added.
Emma's Site in fact Absolutely Doctor Who Designs will be back soon with more Designs you can ever imagine!
To Save this Wallpaper Right click on the image and then Click Save Picture as.
Enjoy and we'll see you tomorrow!
Advent Calendar 2010

Saturday, 4 December 2010

APB Advent Calendar 2010 - Day 4

Day 4 of our Advent Calendar is here and that means there is 21 Days Till Christmas!
Today to Celebrate the release of Load of A Christmas Carol Picutres we have some Bookarks which feature some of them pictures.
So Go to our Advent Calendar Page, Click on the Image, Save, Print and stick it in your Favourite Doctor Who Book!
Advent Calendar 2010

Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Radio Times Cover

Radio Times Today revealed the Cover of the Traditional Christmas Double Issue which covers the TV that is  on this Christmas.
This Years Cover feature the animated Pair, Wallace and Gromit who also featured on the Christmas Cover 2 years back.
So we all ready know that A Christmas Carol is on but what else can we expect on this Special Radio Times issue?

There's a free Outnumbered DVD for every reader!

Steven Moffat reveals how he gave a
classic Christmas story a typical Doctor Who twist. Plus, get a glimpse into a year in the life of Matt Smith
Eileen Atkins and Jean Marsh, stars of Upstairs, Downstairs, give us their thoughts about the updated version

Don't miss our exclusive interview with
Angelina Jolie, who talks Brad, babies and learning to love herself

Matt Lucas and David Walliams get ready for take-off and reveal the new creations in their new series Come Fly with Me

Find out why Just William isn't just a throwback - he's a role model for the
Facebook generation
Strictly's Ann Widdecombe and Anton Du Beke dance on Dartmoor!
Poirot star David Suchet visits the detective's favourite crime scene - the Orient Express
EastEnder Lacey Turner on why now is the right time for her to leave

How the story of
Nigel Slater's boyhood - as recorded in his memoir Toast - was brought to the small screen

Dr Rowan Williams explains why he thinks the Nativity is a truly universal story

Michael Buerk looks back to
Live Aid, the day the music industry grew up

Enjoy stunning photos from An Arctic Tale of polar bears as you've never seen them before

Keep your eyes peeled in the RT picture quiz - you could win £1,000

Michael Morpungo shares an exclusive spine-chilling ghost story with us

Ronnie Corbett discusses his comeback Christmas show, The One Ronnie

You Can buy the Double Christmas Issue from Tomorrow, Saturday 4th December 2010 (going national by Monday 6th December 2010)

APB Advent Calendar 2010 - Day 3

Another day is upon us and with only 22 days to Christmas we have a festive story lined up today which is sure so get you in the mood for Christmas!
The Story consists of 13 short stories from ever Doctor at Christmas time. It's a very long post today so make sure you read till the end! Special Thanks to Darkestboy on gallifrey base for the Story.
Enjoy and of course Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Product Of The Day - Doctor Who Advent Calendar 2010

Countdown to Christmas with The New Doctor Who Advent Calendar 2010 which features chocolates treats in all shaped and forms!
As you can see this years Advent Calendar features the new Doctor Who Logo and The Red Dalek from the new Dalek Paridigm which features in 'Victory of the Dalek'. It also features The Stone Dalek which appears in the Series Finale 'The Big Bang.
This years Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar is produced by bon-bob Buddies and Counts down to the 25th of December, Christmas Day!
These are out now so go get them while they're cheap!

Loads More Doctor Who A Christmas Carol Pictures

Today loads of Pictures and stills have been released.
There was also a Press Pack for the Christmas Special:
Its the deepest part of winter, the exact midpoint, Christmas Eve - halfway out of the dark. Amy and Rory are trapped on a stricken space liner that's plummeting through banks of thick icy fog to the surface of the planet below.

Only one man has the power to save them; only one man is in possession of a machine that can clear the fog and let them land safely.

That man is Kazran Sardick, a rich but lonely old miser who rules Sardicktown with a sky-mast of iron.

The Doctor's only chance of rescuing the ship's four thousand passengers is to save Kazran's soul and show him that life is worth living. For this he needs to go back, way back, to when Kazran was a boy with a life full of promise.

But can the Doctor put a song in Kazran's heart and love in his life, in time for Christmas? Can he bring him out of the dark?
So on to the Pictures:

A Christmas Carol is on Christmas Day, 6pm, BBC One.

APB Advent Calendar 2010 - Day 2

Day two of December is upon and if your waking up with snow your sure to feel that Christmas is Coming!
So today we have 3 new Doctor Who Profile Icons you can use for you MSN, Facebook, Twitter or Forum! Please visit the Advent calendar Section which is linked below.
Enjoy and once again Merry Christmas!
Advent calendar 2010

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

APB Advent Calendar 2010 - Day 1

Click Here to go to the Advent

Our 25 day Advent Calendar starts here!
The first Special Treat has been uploaded to our Advent Calendar which you can find on the Menu Bar and On the Sidebar which both will be uploaded everyday.
The First thing we have for you is a special little piece of Artwork which is also launching our Doodle of the Week which is running throughout December on our Advent Calendar and then on main posts next year.
So Enjoy our first Advent Treat and Merry Christmas!