Thursday, 16 December 2010

Walking in a Winter Webland - Blog Entry #1

Hey there all, and welcome to my first blog entry by me, Ellis. So 9 days to go till the airing of A Christmas Carol and of course Christmas day. and being online at Christmas time can be a big thing for me. aepecially on Forums, Blogs and other websites. With rushing last minute problems and new banners and all the news happening, Doctor Who is one of the biggest news stories to report!
Anything is always better when it is christmas themed so thats why I love everything everyone does at this Festive time. From Life, Doctor Who and Combom to WhovianNet, many sites are celebrating This christmas Period with a type of Advent Calendar which in my case sums up Christmas. New Gifts and Special Treats get published everyday in December in all kinds away so that why Christmas in the whoniverse is so important.
Doctor Who MagazineAnd today another treat was out in shops, Doctor Who Magazine issue 429. This issue is a Christmas special and is packed full with new Features, a wonderful Comic, A fantastic Preview of 'A Christmas Carol' and Some Great, Shiny Art Cards free with it. you can buy it from all newsagents priced £4.99 and you can follow there official Twitter Account here
Another Great thing at Christmas is the gifts and presents. Christmas is the best time for great Merchandise to get released from Figures, Books, DVD's and Stationary. These are great if your a Doctor Who Fan to open on Christmas Day. if you like me than you will love the figure Collection and with new Figure sets being released at least 5 days before Christmas, there a great Buy for Kids and Collectors of any ages for the big day.
But probably the most important in the Whoniverse is the Episodes themselves. 'A Christmas Carol' stars Matt Smith in his first ever Christmas Special, which is written by Steven Moffat, as he makes his own version of the ghost of Christmas Past from the Famous book written by Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol.
So if you Celebrating a Christmas where Doctor Who is important, make it perfect with things like Merchandise, Tv and Of Course Doctor Who on the Internet.
Merry Christmas.

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