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The Doctor Who Live Guide - Part 1

Thank you to the Doctor Who Live website for the info and Pictures.

Tomorrow is the first time APB goes live and to kick it off were giving you the lowdown on Doctor Who Live...

What is Doctor Who Live?

You might all ready know what Doctor Who Live is but if you don't it is basically a Live tour around the UK that gives the audience the opportunity to see their favourite monsters and aliens from Doctor Who. The Live tour feature a never seen before story which is written by Steven Moffat and stars Matt Smith in specially shot scenes. The main Star of the show, apart from Matt, is Nigal Planner (who you can find out about in the character section) who plays the Showman Vorgenson who is on stage. He is the one that brings the aliens and enemies of The Doctor to the stage through his machine the 'minimiser'.


Vorgenson (Played by Nigal Planner) - Vorgenson has been descirbed as The Doctor's No.1 Fan But thats just the first thing. He is the greatest showman in the Galaxy who brings his amazing invention the 'minimiser' to the stage to bring back any Doctor Who character in dedication to the man himself.  Vorenson has been developed by Steven Moffat specially for the Tour and is set to be a hit.

Dalek  - Of course you know the Dalek, There the Doctor's Greatest Enemy. With a new look that was first seen in 'Victory of the Daleks' they are definately the most talked about enemy for Doctor Who Live. The Hard casing on the outside of a dalek hides a small Deadly Mutant from the planet Skaro. The doctor Fought the Daleks in the Time War where both Planets perished. The Daleks are also set to be a huge Hit at Doctor Who Live.

Cybermen - Cybermen are also one of the Doctor's main Enemy's. They feature in most Live features for Doctor Who saying there most famous catchphrase 'Delete!'. The Cybermen our half Human half Machine with there emotions removed. The newere versions were created on a parallel Earth by John Lumic who wanted to see the earth full with Cybermen. But before they were made on a Parellel Earth they were made on the Planet Mondas. They have featured in many Doctor Who Stories since it began and are also set to be a hit at the Show.

Weeping Angel - Weeping Angels are One of the Scariest Monsters in Doctor Who History. First appearing in episode 'Blink' then in 'Time of Angels' and 'Flesh and Stone', Weeping Angels were voted the Scariest Doctor Who Monster above the Daleks and Cybermen. No body knows where the Weeping Angels come from but we do know that they can adapted. When you see them they turn to stone but everytime you turn your back or blink they can move. But in the series 5 episodes they adapted to Become a real Angel of an Image and even get inside the person's head if they are looking straight in their eyes. So for Doctor Who Live they would be one of the scariest on Stage.


Did you know? that There will be 33 shows in 31 days across 9 cities

Did you know? there is a 16 piece band 16 cast members 3 sound decks

Did you know? The cast, band and crew will be transported between venues using a combination of three sleeper and two executive coaches


official Programme                               Vorgenson Show Pass

More Character guides, merchandise, facts as well as Plot details from the Show coming Monday 11th October.

We go live From Doctor Who Live Tomorrow... Stay Tuned!

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