Monday, 4 October 2010

A Police Box is back and Full of Surprises!


A Police Box is Back on you Computer Screens once more and not a moment to spare as new things are coming soon! So what can you expect from us now that were back on Blogger? here are a few things...

Latest News is hitting the homepage every day from the world of Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. From Press releases, Trailers, Pictures aswell as Big announcment we'll have it covered and if you have a story give us a buzz on the usual email address and nearly every time the story we'll make it to our homepage.

want to find out about Events or shows going on around the world of Doctor Who,? Want to see exclusives Pictures, Videos and Information? Then A Police Box is the place! We'll have APB Exclusives now and again to keep you entertained so don't miss that. We'll have the first next week..

A Police Box is also a great place to see some amazing designs and banners. Emma ( Our Designer) gives her time and effort to make this site look it's best. we'll have our first banner back on blogger soon but want to see what they might be like? Then check out her site:

  • We Dulge into the world of Sarah jane as the fourth Series begins. Whats next for Sarah Jane and the Gang? the Doctor that's who! Follow all the latest news on the homepage and see everything thats been released on the Sarah jane Adventures Page.
  • Christmas is coming! We look at what's next for the Doctor, Amy and Rory in the Christmas Special. We'll have a special countdown nearer the time but for the mean time we'll have the latest news on Matt Smith's first Christmas as the Doctor on our Homepage.
  • Spoiler alert! as we look at the latest filming Reports, Pictures and Videos for series 6. We'll have special reports from many sources so stay tuned...

We go Live from.. Doctor Who Live! on Sunday 10th October we give you live updates from Wembley Area and show you some amazing Pictures and Videos from the show.

Thank you for Reading! we'll have some news later on today so stay alert!

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