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Daily Doctor Who - 15th October 2010

A new Feature on APB is here. Daily Doctor Who will bring you things from across the net that are happening in the news and media aswell as things you can be apart of and join in with.


News has come out by the sun about a forthcoming series 6 episode by Mark Gatiss. a source has said: It is going to be terrifying. Mark has delved to the back of his dark mind to come up with this idea."

The Episode is currently Called 'What are little boys made of?' but that could change over time. allthough it was reported a few weeks back The Sun have also said about the creepy dolls that have are meant to appear in Mark Gatiss' Episode.

The Doctor Will be with a UNIT officier in the upcoming episode of the Sarah jane Adventures ' Death of the Doctor'. Colonel Karim will be played by Laila Rouass who formerly stared in stricly come Dancing. her character has been compared to the Brigadier played by Nicholas Courtney. you can see Death of the Doctor on thr 25th and 26th October 2010 on CBBC Channel.


Doctor Who Live behind the scenes:

We went to Doctor Who Live on Sunday Afternoon and we give you our report on the show! Warning Spoilers!

Daleks steal the show as Doctor Who Live Moves away from London

The Monsters have been and gone in London and what a treat it’s been! APB visited  the spectacular show yesterday and opened up in a splendid musical fashion. With Murray Gold’s Music being played and Ben Foster composing you can defiantly see the Band was going to play a major role in this tour of the country. Nigel Planner made a comedy dance entrance with the Ood at his side and things were starting to settle in. Nigel Planner, who you may know from such shows as the Young Ones and the Comic strip Presents.., was playing the greatest showman in the world named Vorgenson. The Doctor’s Number 1 fan as he’s described by himself. With this, the story continues with Vorgenson Telling that he has invented a minimiser which can bring any creature, monster, Alien or Human from across the galaxy to the stage. And i have to say so myself the Stage looked magnificent. Anyway with this, Monsters flocked the stage. A Cyberman, Judoon, Silurian, Scarecrows and many more got on to the stage and into the minimiser. After a few clips and Music montages, Vorgenson Arrived with one of The Doctor’s Friends. Winston Churchill. He fell into Vorgenson’s trap and rang the doctor with a borrowed mobile which he didn’t know how to use. The Doctor appeared on the giant screen followed by a huge cheer by the crowd. Soon after vorgenson  basically explained to the Doctor who he is and what he invented. The Doctor didn’t like this so he travels  in his TARDIS to get to Vorgenson but is in for a unexpected surprise, he’s inside his minimiser.  The Interval lasted a good 15 minutes as everyone stacked up on refreshments and merchandise including the Official Programme for £10 which is a good buy. And did I mention? I spotted Steven Moffat in the crowd but only briefly. Well after that experience the Second Half of the show got started. The crowd booed Vorgenson when he entered the stage after capturing The Doctor. He called for the doctor but no response. This gave him time to show more of his Monsters! Vampires, Smilers, Clockwork droids and Judoon scurried their way through the paths to the crowd. Then a very scary Weeping Angel Scene happened on Stage which was terrifying in every way.  And then for one of the biggest parts the Cybermen came down the stairs behind me and gave me a fright. The Doctor wasn’t taking any more of this and came out from the white light. The Grand finale was about to take place as a fault happens and the Daleks appear! They were behind the minimiser plan to get the Doctor and they did. But guess who were waiting to fight them? The Cybermen! It ended up them all trapped in the Minimiser and the rest sent back home by the Doctor. But the best illusion was next as a flying Dalek was ubove the crowd. With a little help from the Crowd the Doctor Escaped the Daleks and waved goodbye from his Tardis which appeared on a 4 sided screen. THE End. All in all Doctor Who Live was a unique blend of Music, illusions and Monsters with an outstanding Story by Steven Moffat which could only be used on Stage. I think it would work for all ages and now I know what it’s like I recommend you go out and buy your tickets before it’s too late! Geronimo!

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