Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Product of the Day - New Doctor Who Character Building

The London Toy Fair 2011 was in Olympia Today ( 25th January 2011) and always ahve lot's of Doctor Who Goodies on show!
One thing that was big from Character Options is the Character Building Doctor Who Range.
A Press Release came out earlier in the month aswell as some promo Pictures...

The Character Building range will include 3D micro-figures, brought to life with sculpted facial features whilst play sets will be uniquely tailored to Doctor Who. Fans will be able to build their own Doctor Who world with all their favourite characters including the Doctor and Amy Pond with their famous foes the Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels.

Distinctive to the Character Building range will be the use of texture on some of the building blocks, whether it be the sleek and smooth edges of a spaceship, or the rough edges of a rock face. This will be pivotal in recreating each environment, providing a natural look, but still allowing easy construction play.

And of course the London Toy fair was today and More Pictures and Information has been released:

Series 1 of the Character Building Doctor Who Micro Figures, available from Easter 2011, is comprised of ten figures; The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, The Eleventh Doctor (blue shirt), Weeping Angel (Screaming Face), Dalek Drone, Dalek Staegist, Cyberman, Silurian General Restac, Weeping Angel (Serene face) & Smiler (angry face).

Series 2 Micro Figures will be out in the Autumn and Include Dalek: The Eternal, Cyberman, The Eleventh Doctor, Vampire, Amy Pond (in police uniform), Roman Rory and Dalek: The Supreme.

The Tarids Mini Set (Includes The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond Micro Figures)

Time of Angels Mini Set (Includes Weeping Angel figure0

Dalek Progenitor Room Mini Playset (includes Dalek: The Supreme)

Dalek Factory Set (Parts to Make 5 dalek figure included)

Cyberman Conversion Chamber set (Includes Cyberman & Cyber Leader)

Tardis COnsole Room Playset (Includes The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song)

The Eleventh Doctors Micro-Figure Set

 The Doctor Who Micro-Figures are released in Easter With the Seperate Figures Priced £1.99.

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