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Thread:Christmas Special - Title/Speculation/Spoliers [Merged]
User: Vid Vicious
There's definitely a good chance of the story ending up better than the title would lead you to expect. There's actually a track record for this sort of thing.

After all, this isn't exactly the first new series episode to be burdened with an apparently crap title.

Rose, The End of the World, World War Three, The Parting of the Ways, The Christmas Invasion, School Reunion, The Runaway Bride, Smith and Jones, Voyage of the Damned, Partners in Crime, The Doctor's Daughter, Turn Left, The Next Doctor, The Eleventh Hour, The Lodger, The Big Bang.

I believe I've made my point. Heavy-handed, obvious, overly-literal, clunky, unimaginative-and-ripped-off-from-somewhere else-sounding titles are practically a new series tradition.

Would A Christmas Carol even be the worst offender? Likely not.

How about a fusion of new and old? I wouldn't say no to something like A Deadly Christmas Carol of Doom.
User: OrionEternity
I still like 'The Ghosts Of Time'.

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User: PMount
Just picked up my boxset from Tesco...£12.50 worth of vouchers brought the price down to around £36. Still much, much more than I'd pay for any other boxset. First, that's flimsy packaging. Gone, it seems, are the days of big chunk double boxes with three discs apiece and a nice little illustrated booklet. The boxset seems to reflect the slightly-cheaper look of the episodes inside, to be honest.
User: Vortexguyz934
Got the lenticular blu-ray yesterday and skimmed through the special features yesterday.
It's an all around amazing set and I don't feel cheated by the price at all.
Quite a few little niggles annoyed me though:

The Confidential cutdowns barely lasted 15 minutes, has this happened in previous sets?

I was looking forward to an atmospheric 1080i 5.1 'Down The Rabbit Hole' trailer, instead I get a flat 2.0 480 copy

(Is it just me btw or in the 'Finale Trailers' section particularly, are 3 of the trialers not completely identical, give or take maybe 2 seconds of different footage?)

Obviously, I would have liked the next times to be in the special features but I won't go into that.

As mentioned previously, blu-ray features aren't really used too well with a DVD style menu and in-vision commentaries not letting you use a 'picture in picture' mode.

Little suggestion: The menu would have been amazing with the tardis playing whatever clips it usually does but when you go onto scene selection, you don't get a rough cut to the menu, it all sleeky links together and the audio carries on smoothly, without cutting abruptly and playing some atmospheric sound effect.

But otherwise, an incredible set. The picture quality is flawless and I couldn't be happier. (Apart from the fact my disc flap for Disc 4 snapped off soon as I opened the box but that's probably just me.)
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User: Andy R
12inch Eternal Dalek

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