Monday, 15 November 2010

Product of the Day - A Christmas Carol DVD

A Christmas Carol DVD - 24th Jan 2011
The Upcoming Christmas Special, A Christmas Carol, has all ready been announced by 2|Entertain to go on DVD. The Episode is set to Go on sale on 24th January 2011 in three different formats. The first is a stardard DVD while the second format is Blu-ray DVD. But a new format has been revealed for 2|entertain DVD's which is a Digital Format.
 This is following in the footsteps of Predators ad Iron Man 2 and is set to be on all of the Doctor Who DVD's. Buyers will be able to get a Digital Copy of the Episode (s) for a long space of time but not for ever as this type of Copy can be known as a 'Long Rental'. So could we be seeing Digital Copies for future Who? Give your Comments Below!

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