Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Celebrate 47 Years of Doctor Who

47 years ago Today,
William Hartnell Began as the 1st Doctor
On 23rd November 1963 a show untitled 'Doctor Who' Began on BBC One. Who would of thought it would become one of the most famous Televison programmes today. 47 years ago the first episode ' An Unearthly Child' broadcast on this exact date. back then a Alien Who travels round Time and Space in a Police Phone Box woud of sounded Silly, But Nowadays The british public are certsainly aware of the series.

And in 47 years we have had:
11 Doctors
769 Episodes
212 Stories
and millions of fans across the world.

So go on Celebrate Doctor Who Day! Watch one of your favourite Episodes, Read one of your Favourite Novel or write one of your own stories!
What ever you do Celebrate 47 Years of Doctor Who in Style!

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